Society of Yale-NUS College Dancers
By Tan Yan Ru Follow | Public

The society of Yale-NUS College Dancers (sYNCD) is an umbrella organization that unites the many dance groups in Yale-NUS College. Founded by the first batch of Yale-NUS students, sYNCD incorporates dance styles from all over the world, reflecting the cultural diversity of our school. Besides performing for school events in all kinds of settings, sYNCD also conducts workshops and open classes for students who wish to learn dance more casually, as well as to encourage its dancers to explore new styles.

sYNCD aims to create a vibrant and inclusive dance community in Yale-NUS College, in which everyone can experience and appreciate the beauty of dance. We strongly believe that anyone can be a dancer if they commit themselves to it. At the same time, seasoned dancers will be able to push their limits with our small class sizes and unique performance opportunities.